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30K Service

30K service is the first major repair that your vehicle needs. It is highly important that a 30K service be done because at this point there may be wear and tear on your car that may or may not be very noticeable. It is our job to make sure your car is properly diagnosed and in mint condition for the long run.

Longevity means a lot to us, and that includes the longevity of your partnership and loyalty to our team at Auto Medics in San Mateo. Our team of technicians are extremely qualified for any maintenance repair, and are happy to take a look at whatever problems your car may be giving you.

This basic inspection can be over rated and over looked. We assure you that it is very vital this service be done. Let  us be the team to make it an experience worth every penny. However, with our affordable prices you won't even think twice. Call and make an appointment today!