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Nissan Repair

Nissan is a well known Japanese brand that deserves all the credit they receive. It's no question that their diversity and extended service plans have kept their owners happy and safe on the road. Auto Medics in San Mateo has made it their duty to specialize in Japanese automobiles. We love our Japanese cars, and Nissan is definitely one of them!

Our technicians are highly qualified and trained to work on any model of Nissan. They have made it their due diligence to serve the community to the highest expectations. Nissan has been genuine and designed to meet your needs, and here at Auto Medics we want to match that for you.

The people of San Mateo are never disappointed with our service and repairs. We know we can do the best quality work on your Nissan, and we would love to prove it to you. Bring your Nissan in for your next service or repair, and drive away happy and safe.