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90K Service

90K Service is known to be the last major service for your vehicle. The longevity of your car depends upon this service to take you where you need to be. Many car owners start to forget about the importance of maintenance when they've reached this point. But in reality, your car is at the point where it needs service the most.

Auto Medics takes pride in their service and repair. We are rated number one in all of San Mateo for the best Japanese car auto shop. People don't call us a "hospital" for nothing. We live up to our name, and are proud to serve the community.

Whenever you feel that you're car is at the end of its life, do not hesitate to bring it in to our technicians at Auto Medics. We guarantee to get your car back and running like you just drove it off the dealership lot. Take care of your car, and we will too!