9/19/2014 Kirti C. Auto Medics did an amazing job in servicing my vehicle. They're best in the business, in my opinion, for addressing issues related to Honda vehicles, in particular hybrids. They're customer service is top-notch, prices are reasonable, and operational efficiency is high. To add to that if your vehicle needs to be kept for an extended period of time, they provide you with a low-cost loaner vehicle to help meet your commute needs. In short: Top-notch service, excellent parts, courteous personnel, and good work ethics makes for a wonderful customer experience.
9/18/2014 Richard I was visiting my mother in San Mateo when her 1998 Civic ignition went out. We had the car towed to the Automedics and met Kris. Kris was very courteous and knowledgeable and was able to give us a quote and have the ignition switch replaced all in the same day. They provided a loaner car at a very reasonable rate. It would have been a wasted day without a vehicle, but with the loaner car, we were able to do our planned itinerary while the car was being repaired. Highly recommended.
9/18/2014 Irasema C. Super friendly staff, prompt service and great customer service are always available at Auto Medics!
9/17/2014 Andrew P. I always get fast and attentive service from Auto Medics. A+ Mechanic.
9/17/2014 David P. Chris and the mechanics at Auto Medics are very thorough and knowledgeable. Kris can explain well any problem on our Honda and exactly what needs to be done. We like that they keep our maintenance data online and give us reminders about service. We used to go to a Honda dealer and they were not nearly as competent. It's also really convenient for us with just one car that they will let us use a loaner for a nominal fee while our car is being fixed.
9/17/2014 Perry I came in without an appointment with a problem with part of the under body plastic cowl connected to the front bumper which had come loose and was dragging on the road. They were able to take me in immediately and fixed the problem in ten minutes. Very nice service.
9/17/2014 David P. We took our old Honda in for a oil change and 21 pint service inspection. All OK except our six year old battery failed the load test so they put in a new 75 month battery. Kris is available and very knowledgeable. She can explain the details of every problem and repair needed and help us make good choices. The Auto Medics staff is much more competent that the Honda Dealer we used to go to. We like that they keep automated data on our maintenance and give us reminders. We only have one car so we appreciate their loaners. For a nominal fee we can take a loaner while they fix our car. They are honest and we trust them to do great work. Dave Plumb
9/17/2014 Gwen E. Everything was perfect from the minute I walked in. I couldn't ask for any better service. The loner car was an added bonus. Thanks.
9/12/2014 Mark C. Honest, quick, reasonable. What more is there to say?
9/12/2014 David L. I am very pleased with Auto Medics'' recent service on my 2005 Acura TL. I called about a serious grinding sound, and was able to make an appointment the next morning. When I brought the car in, Kris and Robert were able to immediately diagnose the problem (bad power steering unit) and give me a range of cost to repair. The repair was accomplished the same day at reasonable cost and I picked the car up that afternoon. Excellent service all around.
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